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Concordia Club Choir

Concordia Choir

Rehearsals for Concordia Choir have begun!!

After so many glitches and interruptions with Covid, floods, and illness Choir rehearsals have begun.

All members are so happy to be back because they feel so happy after a sing

You too can be happy, just join us on Wednesday nights at 7.00pm at Concordia Club, 1 Richardsons Crescent, Tempe.

If you have some German heritage or are learning the language, what better way to enjoy it than to sing.

We have different nationalities in our group so we all learn together.

Its a four part choir so men and women are welcome.

We have a very exciting time ahead this year.

The Saengerfest, Festival of German Choirs, will be held September 9th to 11th; In Canberra.

Its a lovely time singing and mixing, eating and drinking with other choirs from different states!

AND at last we will be able to celebrate Christmas once again with all the traditional European Christmas carols.

They are so familiar and well loved you just sing them with all your heart and joy!

Any further information required please email Mavis

We are a group of enthusiasts who like singing and socialising. There are about 20 of us
- some have been with the choir for over 25 years.

We meet once a week, usually on Wednesday night, at the Concordia Club for singing practice.
Our conductor/choir master is Dr. Tamara Carlin, who is a very talented lady.

We have several public appearances during the year - at Club anniversaries and
as guests of other clubs and choirs and at other special occasions.
Our singing is mainly in German, but sometimes in English too.

We do need more members. Some knowledge of the German language is helpful, but not essential.
We don't expect you to be an opera singer, as long as you can keep in tune.
We need men and ladies in all voice groups.

If you are interested, please get in touch with Mavis Glaesel, 9858 1240 or 0408 286 956.